Clayton Jackson McGhie Memorial Stewardship


The Clayton Jackson McGhie Memorial is both a public display of acknowledgment and hallowed ground, commemorating the memory of the three African American men lynched in the city of Duluth on June 15, 1920.

The CJMMemorial is in keeping with memorials around the country and worldwide: Offering a sense of place and connectivity, in regards to what the memorial commemorates. 

The Clayton, Jackson, McGhie Memorial is an intersection of memory and history, intended to both bond us to that dark time in Duluth’s past and to propel us forward, as a community, to continue to Bring the Truth to Light.

Visitors are invited and welcome to spend time at the memorial, to honor the memory of the three young men and reflect on the words inscribed on the walls in the name of reconciliation and healing. CJMM, Inc. directors and community members are available to conduct guided educational tours, as well.    

The Memorial is not a park per se, but public property of Duluth, giving full jurisdiction of the site to the city. 

CJMM, Inc. is honored to have stewardship of the site. This stewardship includes an annual spring clean-up, conducting educational tours year round, and holding the Annual Day of Remembrance Ceremony, open to the public, every June.