Teaching History, Literacy, and Tolerance: A Curriculum for the Clayton Jackson McGhie Memorial Curriculum CJMM Image

The Clayton Jackson McGhie Curriculum Guide is a unique educational resource for high school history and language arts classrooms that outlines the events of the 1920 lynching in Duluth and weaves together an assortment of supplemental materials for teachers to use in the classroom. This 5-7 day curriculum guide is distinctive, because it helps teachers map the intersection of issues in race and class and demonstrates the impact of lynchings across the US. It also fosters critical literacy in the reading of historical documents, contemporary media and literature.

This curriculum appears at a time when much work remains to be done in educating youth about our nation's racial, ethnic and historic connections. Exposing students to this material will uncover difficult elements within U.S. history but continues the arduous task of "bringing the truth to light."

This one week curriculum for high school history and language arts classrooms:

  • connects with Minnesota and national standards in history and language arts
  • reviews the historical context of lynching and provides updated information and includes
    • Historical documents (newspaper accounts, photos)
    • Contemporary texts (magazine articles, literary accounts, images of the Memorial) for class discussion
    • Handouts and worksheets
  • promotes interactive classroom dialogue and activities
  • aligns with material uploaded to the CJMM website

For information about Clayton Jackson McGhie Memorial, Inc. and the curriculum
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